Client Reviews

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Stacy Weible – An absolutely amazing experience, Michael makes you feel so comfortable and at ease with yourself. His work is beyond what I was expecting. Extremely flabbergasted at the finished images. If you have to opportunity, go for it. You will not be disappointed! Thank you again, Michael for making me feel beautiful about myself.

Bethany Jordan – This experience had been mindblowingly-amazing! A friend of mine recommended that I enter the drawing for a photoshoot. I’d finally met one of my weightloss milestones and have found a whole new me, so I was looking for a way to commemorate that achievement anyway. Now, normally I am on the other side of the camera, so I haven’t really ever been the subject of a photoshoot. Natalie and Michael made it fun and put me at total ease though!  Natalie’s makeup and hair was absolutely outstanding. And her and Michael work so well together! The whole shoot was a blast. Their support and encouragement allowed me to be more comfortable and in the end brought out the true me with a smile and beauty I didn’t even know was there! He says that he will change the way you see yourself and that is completely true!The photographs are awesome! I look at them and sometimes don’t believe it’s me because they are so amazing. They are truely beautiful and a true work of art! I am so glad that I entered the drawing, because I will forever have the reminder of who I am and what I have accomplished. Thank you Michael and Natalie for an experience I will never forget! I can’t wait for the opportunity to team up again someday!

Cher Donna Blame – I have NEVER been one to be comfortable getting my picture taken. Michael Colyer is one of the most professional, knowledgeable, fun artist to work with. I am still overwhelmed with the final product as well. The images are beautiful and I never thought I could be so moved by a portrait. It is definitely more than a photo. It’s a work of art.

Amanda Willis Peterson – On a whim, I put my name in a drawing to win a photoshoot with Michael while visiting Monkey Wrench Clothing. A few weeks later, I learned I had won! I was a bit nervous to actually do the photoshoot, and debated going through with it. I finally called to book the appointment, and Michael’s encouragement and assurance that it would be an amazing experience helped lessen the nervous feelings. All nervousness melted away after meeting Michael, and the hair stylist/makeup artist, Natalie. Michael’s studio is beautiful, and he made me feel right at home. He and Natalie both talked to me and made me feel at ease. The photoshoot itself was such an incredible process. They worked to bring out the beauty within, that woman I feel I am on the inside, but have been afraid to show. Their encouragement and support throughout the shoot allowed me to be vulnerable and be me. When he said I’d feel amazing, it was the truth and then some!
The resulting pictures are outstanding. He has an excellent eye for art and capturing the beauty within. I am beyond satisfied with the portraits I received, and will cherish them always. It’s still hard to believe it’s me!What an experience, and what memories! The process and experience have helped my confidence and shown me the beauty my husband says has been there all along.
If I could do this all the time for a confidence boost, I would! Thank you to Michael and Natalie for their amazing work, and helping me to see another part of me. I’ll never forget it!

Virginia Pagoota Vanderford –  I had such a great time working with Michael! He was fun and professional and I was so stunned and amazed at the beautiful pictures he did for me!

Teri Johnson – My photo shoot experience with Michael was an adventure that I will never forget. Everything about this experience was beautiful and professional. His studio is wonderful. I couldn’t keep my eyes off all of the beautiful images that he has created that are in his studio. I am very, very pleased with the images he created during our shoot.

Pamela Johnston – I am so happy that i decided on placing my name on the to win a shoot with Michael Colyer Artography. When i was notified i won, i thought now what will i wear? So i picked clothing i haven’t worn in a long time, and a few other new things, that i had. I was amazed at how easy i felt around Michael and the make-up artist that was picked for me. They really made me look like a million bucks, as well as making me feel like a million bucks. The all new me. It was such a comfort knowing Michael’s expertise on the shoot would make me feel alive and rejuvenated. My favorite picture of the shoot i would say this one. Thank You Michael Colyer

Ruby Von Blush – Working with Michael is the stellar Hollywood experience. He puts you totally at ease and gives you exactly what is needed to get amazing results. I have worked with him both as a stylist and also as a model with fabulous end game every time. Beautiful studio, exceptional skills and equipment. You will be very pleased with your experience.

Katie Collins – I had a great time on my photo shoot wirh Michael! I had never done a photo shoot before and he really works with you to make sure he knows what you want to see from your photo shoot, and to make sure you love your pictures. He is very talented and the pictures are amazing!

April Lynn Sollazzo  Such an amazing artist! I had a blast working with Michael Colyer on a photoshoot the pictures turned out absolutely beautiful

Nakysha Osadchey – I won a photo shoot with Michael and I just went on the 16th to do it! I have never been to a photo shoot, nor have I modeled before. I felt so awkward because I felt like I couldn’t pose correctly. But Michael worked with me and made it easy and fun!! I enjoyed my time and hope to work with him again! He is amazing and the work he does is fantastic

Celine Collins – Michael is an ultimate professional who really knows how to bring out the best in you! These are the best images I’ve ever had! Ruby, Lauryn and I were dressed in everything from Steampunk to Goth, to High Fashion Glamour, and he captured all of us perfectly! I encourage you to book a session with him to see what fantastic images he can turn out for you! You will be completely amazed! I look forward to working with him again in the future!

Kristi Wischnack – Michael is amazing. He was not only professional he was genuine and captured images I could only dream of. I would highly recommend him for any of your art photography needs. Top notch in his field.

Reanna BIber – I have done a lot of photo shoots in my life and Michael is by far my favorite person I have ever worked with. Very professional and the images that I received blew me away. The work he does is absolutely breathtaking and I HIGHLY recommend him. Will definitely be shooting with him in the near future!

Juli Freeman – Michael was able to capture me in ways I didn’t know i was able to express. Definitely a once in a life time experience. So happy my friend, Jennifer, talked me into going. Michael’s talents are incredible and he makes you feel like a super model!

Thanks, Michael!

Ed Downes – “Michael is an awesome photographer – really knows his stuff! He knew just the right model, Becca Allen, to help me bring my ideas to life. His hair and makeup artist Brenna Murphy along with Michael’s expertise made me look great. The best photos of me EVER! Thanks Michael, hope we can work together again!”

Brenda Venturella Haverty If you are looking for a special gift for your wife or loved one, THIS IS IT! So much fun to get pampered with hair and makeup and for Michael to make you look and feel so beautiful! What a special day that I will always remember!”

Lyse Wells  – “I am so grateful for the experience and the wonderful photos I will treasure the rest of my life. Thanks, Michael!”

DeAundre Kurney –  “You are truly a great artist Michael Colyer. Thank you so much for the opportunity! Looking forward to working with you more.”

Sharron Wauer  – “Michael not only is an amazing photographer, he loves his job and people. We could not have had a better time or results working with him.”

Jeannie Plake – “The most fun I have ever had! Everyone should have a session with Michael. Something you will never forget. And his wife is just a doll!”

Eva Chappel – “Excellent photographer. Professional, fun and amazing artist.”

Jennifer Kohl – “This man takes amazing photos and does great editing. He makes you beautiful.  CALL THIS MAN ASAP!

Ginger Gamble – “Michael does EXCELLENT work! He does BEAUTIFUL and PROFESSIONAL photograohy that most could not hold a candle too. I loved my shoot with him and the photos were flawless.”

Katia Figueroa-Acevedo  – “Awesome Photographer! Beautiful location, professional. A joy to work with!”

Mattie Faith Bell -“My experience with Michael was amazing and unforgettable. He loves his job so much and it truly shines through his work. His portraits are stunning! I highly recommend him.”

Brennan Murphy  – “His photography is beautiful, and he is such a pleasure to work with!”

Jodi Wright  – “Had an excellent experience in my photo shoot with Michael. Very professional and fun to work with!”

Erin Spurgeon – “An amazingly talented photographer who is loads of fun to be around!”

Lauren Elwood – “Michael is not only an excellent photographer but he is a fun and exciting person to work with! If you want very unique pictures, he’s the one to call!! Such a fun experience!”